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Rental Cars and Auto Insurance Companies

Rental Cars and Auto Insurance Companies

Most Auto Insurance Companies Will Now Cover Part of Car Rental Coverage

Credit Card Companies Will Cover Auto Insurance On Rental Cars If Charged to Their Card

Many individuals seem to have the very same question about their auto insurance when they go on vacation. Will my automotive insurance protect my rental car? You need to make sure you are protected and know how to answer the rental car rep when they ask you if you wish to purchase the rental car insurance. There is only one way of making sure that you are protected under your basic auto insurance policy. You must take out your documents and look them over. It is always important to look over your insurance policy and then call your insurance provider to discuss it to make sure you have all the coverage that you need.

Rental Car Auto Insurance

Basically there are two ways where you will definitely be protected by your auto insurance on the car you are renting.

  1. Auto Insurance: Most auto insurance companies will cover the rental car as well, if you are going to be on vacation. It is imperative that you check with your insurance company to make sure that they have this stipulation in affect for you. If you are going on a business trip, your boss should have insurance on the car you are driving to cover you. They are liable for extending this coverage to you. Under no circumstances should they expect your privately held automotive insurance to cover this.
  2. Credit Cards and Auto Insurance: Most credit card companies will offer you insurance protection on vehicles that you rent with their credit card. While the coverage can vary per card, it will offer you some protection. Make sure to double check your coverage so that if it is not enough, you can take out the rental insurance.

If you make the decision to have extra rental car insurance coverage extended to you by purchasing the rental car insurance, this will always be a better choice to make sure you are completely covered in case of an accident. The rental car company will have various auto insurance coverage options for you to choose from.

Collision Damage & Loss Waiver: This protects you against theft of your rental vehicle or vandilization. This is also known as CDW or LDW.

Personal Accident Insurance: This protects you against medical expenses that result from a car accident that happens in your rental. This is also referred to as PAI.

Supplement Liability Insurance: This protects you up to an amount of $1 million in liability coverage above your regular liability. This is also referred to as SLI.

Personal Effect Insurance: This protects you and your personal property that are taken from out of your rental vehicle. This is also known as PEC.

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